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10 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

10 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

WordPress is the biggest Content Management System (CMS) platform since a decade ago. As it stands today, WordPress is still dominating the CMS market by having 58% from total shares. The numbers are stable for the past 8 years. The 2nd and 3rd largest CMS platforms after WordPress are Joomla and Drupal respectively with only 12% shares combined, that is around a fifth of WordPress. Developers are also constantly fixing bugs and improve security through each update. It is extremely powerful, and the best part about it, you don’t have to pay a penny to use it. Which means, everyone can use it, and therefore people constantly modify, extend the functions, and distribute it on a regular basis. It’s a very good open source platform with a vibrant community. There are dozens of reasons of why you should use WordPress for your next website, and these are the core reasons.

Everything about WordPress is easy

1. Free and Based on Open Source.

The bottom-line of using CMS is that you don’t even need to bother with coding to make most changes because they have formulated all the codes into user-friendly interfaces. So all you need (mostly) to do is just add quality contents to your websites. The nature of content management system creates versatility when it comes to integration with other systems, such as third-party applications. Another good thing that comes out of CMS is the flexibility in terms of management of the content. It allows you to change your website to almost anything you want it to be because the sky is your limit. You can even change some of the codes to your preference if you are a programmer.

2. Easy built-in SEO

Developers has designed WordPress to become SEO friendly. First of all it offers many good SEO plugins that will automatically pinpoint vital SEO points and present it to users for easy optimization. You can customize your website’s URLs through WordPress intuitive interface. It’s very important to do so because it can boost your SEO rankings on search engines.

The built-in RSS feed is also an important feature when it comes to increasing your ranking through SEO. You can easily feed contents on your websites across the World Wide Web and spreading the keywords, and as a bonus, you may receive a link back to your website. WordPress code is clean, therefore it will tremendously reduce the effects of people that includes it to the code.

3. Versatile Customization

When we compared today’s business with those on decades ago, we will notice that the functionality demands have skyrocketed. Even for a simple blog website, customers want to digest contents through different medias like video, audio content (podcast for example), informative images (infographics, interactive diagrams), not just simple text articles. The competition for providing contents to web users through multi-features are fierce. To fulfill this request, WordPress grants high flexibility to create any form of websites. These are just dozens of examples of what kind of websites viable to be made with WordPress:
-Forum/Online Communities
-Business Directory
-Podcast Website
-Specific Blog (Family, private)
-Multilingual Website

4. Minimum effort for Maximum result

One of the greatest advantage of using WordPress is especially related to its flat learning curve. Novice webmasters can understand core function of WordPress functions with ease in order to get their websites running. The backend dashboards are self-descriptive and very simple to get the hang on. The process of from downloading the package itself to set up the host and finally get it running can be done in just a few minutes.

It is effortless when it comes to managing multimedia contents within posts. You can manipulate images, videos, audio files, and text files to create interesting blog posts. Big multimedia platforms such as Youtube allows users to embed their video codes into their websites with a very simple way.

There are so many amazing features you can use to take full control of your website without any technical coding expertise. There are many plugins to help you extend your website’s functionality with just simple clicks.

WordPress: A Veteran CMS Platform

5. Mature and Has High Reputation

WordPress has been around for more than a decade. And since its release, the developers are constantly improving functions, removing bugs, and keep it secured. Being mature means there are lots of people behind its huge community that are more than happy to help everyone.
The extensive community is a great place to ask questions and seeking help when trouble comes.

“It’s the power of the open source community which makes WordPress as good as it is.” – Interactive One

There are also huge supplies of tutorials available to get you leap on forward real quick on your website development journey. No wonder big companies like TechCrunch, Mashable, Time, CNN, and Volkswagen are among those who are using WordPress for their websites.

“Almost all of our new web content is now created on WordPress.” – Time.com

“Having all this code available and shared by the rest of the WordPress community makes it easier for us to work on the site.” – NASA

6. Responsive friendly: Good News for Mobile

Demand for mobile access is booming now, and every webmaster are forced to make their websites become mobile-friendly. The good news is, there are many ways WordPress can make your websites to look excellent on smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, the supply of responsive themes is abundant, and you can easily test and tweak it to get the best result.

7. Easy to Manage

WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL, it means, anyone can access it from any computer that has a browser in it. If your business comprises of various team members with different privileges, WordPress can easily manage different access for different users based on their responsibilities. This feature is called “user role”. Since its release on version 2.0, it allows an administrator to manage a certain set of tasks for each user. You can also schedule your posts and publish it later based on your time of choosing. This means you can plan your content to be published on a specific time to give you some advantages. For example, you can plan to publish multiple articles on few different days when you have a holiday plan ahead.

8. Security

One of the major concern with online businesses is how to keep yours secure from any malicious threats. WordPress always up ahead to updating their system, fixing loopholes to keep your site clean, safe, and secure for visitors. Some people argue that WordPress is not secure. The ultimate reason behind this is due to the fact that WordPress is very popular, hence it becomes the biggest target for hacking. You can prevent this by keep using official and secure plugins and also stick to trusted web hosting when you about to launch your websites.

9. Grows with your Business

WordPress is being used by small companies and also huge companies like I’ve mentioned before. It’s very scalable depends on your business size. You can grow your website by adding a vast amount of contents without having to worry about its performance. And the great thing is, using WordPress remains free despite its content or size.

10. Getting better

It’s far easier to find WordPress developers than other CMSs. There are exceptional developers still contributed today to make WordPress better.

As a conclusion, WordPress is still the leading CMS with big numbers in market share. The updated versions are proven to be stable and become better from time to time. From the ease of use, function wise, and the security reasons, it remains to become an absolute choice for most people who wants to start their online business from scratch, or even migrating their online business from a different platform.

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