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Top 5 Managed WordPress Hosting

Top 5 Managed WordPress Hosting

So, you have a handful of quality contents waiting to get published on your website and now you are ready to venture into the online business? There is a critical process you need to perform before you can get all your amazing ideas transferred into the online realm; it is how you manage your hosting account. This process is as important as producing good contents. You don’t want your cool website with splendid features and contents to become unavailable to your community. You also don’t want people having a hard time to access your website. You want to make sure that all multimedia files such as embedded videos, and pictures, can be easily accessed without trouble.

What is  Managed WordPress Hosting ?

The first step you want to carefully consider is about the hosting provider selection. Now, there are lots of choices out there. Ranging from Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and managed WordPress hosting. If you are really serious about developing your website to the next level, we recommend the latter, specifically because there are lots of benefits from using it:
– Optimized towards WordPress based websites
– High level of security
– Excellent support
– Continuous update
– Daily backups

Think of something like this. You are an owner of a big company that has a huge list of task that needs to be done. These tasks are so diverse, and yet they are equally important. Managed WordPress hosting is like a veteran executive assistant. This assistant provides you with high-level support, not just clerical works like organize your schedules, but also perform various duties such as manage phone calls, oversee and supervise staff, and even conduct company securities. While she performs all of these, all you have to do is dealing with the core business such as formulating strategy, making future business plans, and other important things. In the realm of online business, you have to deal with producing quality content, site design, marketing, and other critical matters. On the other hand, managed WordPress hosting ensure that the server is up and running smoothly, and all your files are secure.

There are few choices of managed WordPress hosting. These 5 providers are among our favorite choices.

1. WP Engine

One of the most popular managed WordPress hosting, WPEngine is a long-established managed hosting provider. They are proudly claiming to be “the fastest WordPress hosting around” with the unbeatable support for customers. If this is your first time using managed WordPress host, then we recommend you to try it. It offers risk-free program within the first 60 days. If you don’t like their service, you can cancel and request a refund
within that time-frame. This table illustrates WPEngine package plans:

The cheapest plan starts at $29 per month, which is affordable if you are looking for an excellent managed WordPress hosting as a first time choice. But, if you are on a tight budget, I recommend you to take this only if your website has ongoing traffic below 25,000 visitors per month because the upscale price for higher packages is pretty expensive.

2. FlyWheel

Also, one of the highest-rated and one of the most favorite of webmasters choice (usually designers), FlyWheel offers unique services you can’t find on other providers. It has the ability to create free demo sites. This feature allows you to start working right away without having to worry about maintaining the server. After everything works, you can make it live with the simple payment process. It has production-ready demo sites feature that enables you to approve and make sure everything is fine and appropriate first before your site goes live. And the best feature is the billing transfer.

With this, you can create a website for your client and when you are ready, you can transfer it with just simple clicks. Even better, they provide you with a specific billing system so the process will become super easy. This service works best especially for designers, and website agency that usually working with multiple clients to produce a different type of websites.

Plans For Single Site

Plans For Multiple Sites / Agnecy

3. Pagely

Pagely offers you with unlimited visits to your website. This managed WordPress hosting is targeted for enterprise level business as they provide robust WordPress hosting solutions. They are using Amazon Web Services as a server for their clients WordPress sites. This ensures high performance, redundancy, and scalability for any website using Pagely. Few notable clients such as Facebook, Disney, and VISA have been using this managed WordPress hosting.
Pagely offers these basic features on all their plans:
-Complete databases backups and updates for software, plugins, and themes
-Staging tools
-Built-in Varnish caching
-Offers several developer tools like SSH, GIT, WP-CLI, and REST API

There are several plans, the cheapest plan starts at $99/month. You have to consider which plan is the right for you depends on the bandwidth requirements on your end.

4. Pressidium

With the catchy slogan, “Designed to ‘Never Fail, Always Scale’” Pressidium offers managed WordPress hosting services from entry level bloggers to an enterprise scale. A little background about Pressidium’s co-founders, it was made up of 4 colleagues who started off from major telecommunication and media company, which are IT experts, software engineers and senior developers. Its servers are located in various locations; North America, Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia and Oceania. The cheapest plan, which is the micro plan starts from $24.9/month. These are the comparison between plans regarding the features:

5. SiteGround

Starts from $3.95 per month which is by far the lowest rate from all managed WordPress Hosting providers we’ve been through, SiteGround offers a WordPress hosting service for those who has a low budget and convenient installation process.

All plans covered with these main features:
-Daily backup
-Website builder
-Site transfer
-Email accounts and App installs
-Cloudfare CDN
-cPanel, and unlimited MySQL DB
-24/7 support
-30 days money back
They also offer a cloud and dedicated hosting if you have bigger needs for your website.

Other managed WordPress hosting services

There are few other services I’d like to mention, but the ones I listed above are the best for most people in my opinion. Managed WordPress hosting’s popularity has been increasing over the years, that even hosting provider such as Hostgator offers its own WordPress Cloud service.

These are other managed WordPress hosting providers that worth mentioning:
Bluehost WP Hosting (Lowest plan is $2.95/mo, with average support)
WordPress VIP Hosting (Price starts from $5.000/mo, built specifically for huge companies)

Conclusion and Recommendation

With the growing numbers of WordPress-based online businesses, the demand for complex features and rich contents become higher. As such, webmasters are forced to focus more on creating good contents and planning for decisive strategies for expansions. Managed WordPress Hosting is the best tool developers can use to ensure their websites are running smooth and without trouble. Granted, they come with a price, but if you are serious about your website, these providers are very capable of handling your technical back-end related issues of your website that will give you peace of mind, and freedom of producing great contents.

Deciding which one is the best for you totally depends on few things. This may be best to consider from answering questions like these:

-Do you work alone on your website? Are you a fresh blogger who just start your journey into online world? Or do you work in enterprise-level company? This affects on many factors such as storage and visitor calculations.
-Is Uptime a crucial factor for you? What if your website went down in few hours or even in a whole single day? How much would it cost you?
-Do you need a heavy support? Or will a modest one work for you?

In the end, demands and needs for each people will differ from each other. Determining which works best will come down from several factors, and you may want to weigh them up and think it over carefully.

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