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Why We Should Use Premium WordPress Themes

Why We Should Use Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress is an amazing CMS platform. There is no denying it. With just a few simple clicks, anyone can create a website and make it up and running. The same goes with basic features like plugins and themes. There are tons of choices out there, and when it comes to picking them for your websites it always comes down to 2 choices; free or premium. In this article, we are going to delve into WordPress premium themes and benefits you can have by having them into your websites.

Free or Premium?

What differs free WordPress themes from premium ones is mainly about the money you’d need to spend. As it says, free WordPress themes are always… free, that goes without saying, whereas premium themes will have one-time purchase or subscription plan as an option. We are going to talk more about this later. Now you might have a question, why should I pay money for getting premium themes when there are so many free choices? That is a logical and valid question. Free themes are useful for introduction when someone is getting started to learn WordPress and try to make simple websites. However, if you are planning on growing and expanding your online business (which is always the thing in the long run), premium WordPress themes are your best bet mainly because of these 3Cs:

1. Commonness

Looks are important. The fact that WordPress is already being used by so many people in the world is the first thing you should consider when it comes to using premium WordPress themes. “WordPress is already used by so many all over the world and has thus established it as a fantastic web design and development tool.” ~Ramesh Mari, Digital Marketing expert.

You don’t want your website to look generic, boring, and worse, being similar to your competitors. Consider using premium WordPress themes as a long-term investment to reach potential customers and grow your traffic.

2. Capabilities

Premium WordPress themes offer functionalities you won’t ever find on free ones. These premium features are designed specifically to let the Webmasters work with ease mind to develop their websites (more about how to choose premium themes based on their list of features later). In free themes, you’re gonna have to modify the source code a lot to add some important functionalities and it means more works on technical things when you can instead focus on other important business matters.

3. Cultivation

Working with a website, in the long run, means that at some point you’re gonna have to customize features on your WordPress site in order for them to perform well. If you have none or minimum of technical knowledge of website coding, this task could be cumbersome and impractical. Premium WordPress themes are built-in with flexibility, adaptable features, and more importantly, heavy supports service.

Now that we know about the general overview of premium WordPress themes important factor in website development, there are more few other advantages of using them.

4. Security

Making sure your websites are secure is very important, as it has a deep impact on many aspects. Slow loading, White Screen of Death, unintended pop-ads, .htaccess hijack, potential virus and many other security problems may arise from using free WordPress theme. According to WordPress team, they have found many malicious codes inside free themes distributed by a 3rd party.

4. Clean Codes

Premium WordPress Themes come with clean codes. What this means for webmasters is that there are no hidden “agendas” behind them. There are, however, lots of free themes that have encrypted footer. Mostly it is consist of paid links which is already bad for SEO, and worse they might contain malicious codes that can harm your websites.

5. Better Quality

This comes naturally as premium WordPress themes developers receive their funds from customers along with feedbacks which are very important for future development of those themes. This also becomes the main factor of the existence of some major premium themes that offer vast and versatile functionalities to webmasters.

6. Support and Updates

Premium WordPress themes always have a support service and updated on regular basis to catching up with WordPress updates. As for free themes, it is rarely happening and you have to adjust them yourself when it comes to WordPress updates.

 WordPress Premium Themes: Where to buy?

Premium WordPress themes always have a support service and updated on regular basis to catching up with WordPress updates. As for free themes, it is rarely happening and you have to adjust them yourself when it comes to WordPress updates.


Themezilla offers an online premium themes store that provides various website categories. You can click each one of them to get the preview.
The price can go as low as $59 with 1 single purchase of theme. There are also 2 other options if you are looking for some more themes and support services.


In case you don’t know, Themeforest is a huge marketplace contains thousands of WordPress premium themes (among other stuff like plugins as well). The site’s design is intuitive and you can easily preview each of those themes before considering to buy. They also have their own community called Envato with over 8 millions members, which is good if you want to look around for information regarding specific WordPress premium themes that you are looking for.


There are few categories in this WordPress premium themes online store that you can choose from all of which depends on what kind of websites you want to build. They also offer custom work if you need a customized theme for as low as $59 per hour (with 1 minimum hour of work).


Ranging from music, split feature, landing page, corporate, magazine, photography, simple online store, and a dozen of other types, getting WordPress themes from Themify is a good deal as the pricing plan is very affordable especially for entry level online business owners.

You can get their WordPress premium themes for free if you want to try it first. But I recommend paying for their service in order to get the support. They also have what they called Themify Builder that can act as a standalone theme builder. This builder is a plugin that allows you to design a whole new theme from scratch without coding at all. The good thing is, this builder comes with the lite version. Meaning that you can try how it works first before deciding to use it or not later.

Deciding for a free road or a premium one

Life is all about choices, and it matters. They say free things are good things. We can’t be sure when it comes to choosing WordPress themes for your websites. It’s all depends on answering questions like, what is your current goal as a webmaster? Are you just starting to learn WordPress and want to explore its power? Or are you planning on expanding your online business to a whole new level? Please let us know what you have in mind in the comment section.

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