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Why Your WordPress Site Need Maintenance Service

Why Your WordPress Site Need Maintenance Service

There is a saying that time is the most valuable resource, and this is true because you can’t cheat on time. Everyone has the same amount of time and we can not buy them back. This becomes very important when it comes to prioritizing things on managing your website. Good webmasters will ensure their websites running smoothly both on front-end and back-end. You’re gonna need to plan for great contents, design a mobile friendly web design, and market your business.

While all these stuff is important, making sure back-end parts are correctly set up is equally important, and this area is somewhat different because they are related in with some technical works. Time is a precious resource, therefore you don’t want to consume too much of your time doing technical things. Not to mention that these technical things are easy, but can be time-consuming. They might seem trivial, but they are important matters that can have a great impact on your website’s performance. The good news is, there are plenty services out there that can help you get these things done. This all-in-one service is called WordPress maintenance service. In this post, we are gonna discuss the benefits of using these services as well as some top-notch providers that you can choose to use.

What does it really do?

There are basic things any WordPress maintenance service will offer. These technical things are underrated and taken less seriously by some people. They might seem not important but posses a huge impact on your website.

1. Version update

At usual rate once or twice per year, WordPress releases major updates. The minor updates will have more frequent occurrences. These updates are important primarily for security reasons. WordPress Developers constantly searching for loopholes and bug that might have a potential threat to websites, so the old versions are more prone to security risks. The WordPress maintenance service will automatically get these updates for you.

2. Backups

The original WordPress software doesn’t come in with a built-in backup system, therefore there is a potential danger to your source files. A periodic backup is a must if you are running a serious online business as it will protect you from losing your data that might cause by things such as server crash, hackers, and even errors coming from your end when managing your website contents. Anything can literally happen, so it will give you a peace of mind when the backup is automatically done for you with WordPress maintenance service.

3. Theme and plug-ins update

Similar reasons as the version update, themes, and plug-ins are also often got their latest version released. For plug-ins, there might be additional cool features and fixed bugs that can be nicely added and create better performance for your website.

4. Security

Manage to secure your website both for you and your visitors are mandatory for any webmasters. You don’t want your visitors getting viruses and other threats from your websites. At the very least, they will blacklist your website. At worst, they could report your website and we don’t want any of these happening. With WordPress maintenance service, you can fully monitor your website to search for any malicious scripts and removing any unwanted activities on your website. You can also make use of full recovery system in case something bad happens.

5. Analytics

A good WordPress maintenance service will provide you with insightful reports indicating all critical factors (number of unique visitors, bounce rate, campaign results, etc) of your website.

There are other things that can be done with this service such as SEO service, contents update, spam removal, comment management, and many more including marketing’s such as email marketing management and advice of how to create better/optimized contents for capture long-term business goals. Today, many WordPress maintenance services have expanded their offers not just limited to managing back-end, but also to become holistic web-solution for webmasters.

The core benefits of using WordPress maintenance service are:
– Minimize errors and downtime to fix them
– Save time to do other important things such as managing contents
– Automatic update to plug-ins and security patches
– Stable and secure website
– Optimize page loading time
– Increase user experience

Webnow WordPress Maintenance Service

Meet Webnow, the one-stop service you’d only need for WordPress maintenance service ready to help you from all of your website’s maintenance needs. We have a dedicated and experienced team that solely focus on handling WordPress maintenance service. It depends on your requirements, there are 3 different plans; silver, gold, and diamond. They come with different services. This is the summary of our service:

All of our packages include critical WordPress maintenance services, which are updates on WordPress software, and also plugin and themes, backup (with different time range), spam checking and cleaning, security scan, and also email support (also with different time response).

With additional investments, we will even provide you with a dedicated small team consist of experts with more than 8 years of experience in WordPress and internet business. We can help you design and plan your website development for a long term run to become more efficient, and more importantly, to make it bigger and better.


WordPress maintenance service is an essential feature every webmaster should consider if their website is growing and become a large one. Managing contents and planning for long-term business development are tedious works and require laser focus so you won’t miss any important things. There is nothing extravagant of having a specialized and talented teams to take care of technical problems, ensuring your website running smoothly, because your time is better invested on other important matters, and since many WordPress maintenance services also provide their insights of helping grow business, using their services are no brainer for any serious webmasters.

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